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12/05/2011 04:40:34

We are looking to buy a female toy poodle in a beige (apricot) colour.

Mandy Herman - Israel

31/03/2010 20:23:06

Will be making Aliyah in next 12-18 months. Just making sure that my two "babies" will have company, there are resources to go to and that there will be someone to turn to when I am ready for my next "baby".

Marilyn Becker - United States

16/05/2009 16:03:02

Congratulaitions with you sith, well done. Birthe Warming

Birthe Warming - Denmark

14/03/2009 03:20:32

very very nice all the best

Doron Rachlin - Israel

12/03/2009 07:39:46

Miri well done carry on!!!!!!!

Avi Marshak - Israel

11/03/2009 17:53:20

Welcome to the new site of the Israeli poodle club

MIron - Israel

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