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Welcome to the Israeli Poodle Club

The poodle, according to the European breed standard, comes in a variety of sizes and colors: Standard or large , medium, dwarf and toy – black, brown, white, apricot, red and silver-grey.

A lovely creature, elegant in movement and aristocratic in attitude, quite an athlete , most intelligent with an almost human sense of humor : all these qualities make the poodle  an ideal member of the family.

This breed does not have any “doggy” body-odor  nor does it shed its coat , therefore is suitable for people suffering from allergies. BUT the poodle-coat requires special care and grooming, ! It is most advisable for a new poodle-owner to search help and support on this issue with experienced and/or professional people :ask your  the breeder, or ask any member of the poodle club board

The poodle club is a non-profit organization , all board-members are volunteers, and our aim is to  promote the correct breeding and cherishing of this noble breed.  For that purpose we organize different kinds of activities such as : shows, lectures, workshops and social events.

When searching for a poodle-puppy , you will come upon all kinds of ads about pseudo-purebreds , meaning poodles without pedigree papers. Most of these puppies not only do not resemble a real poodle as it should look like according to the breed-standard , but neither have they nor their parents undergone any health-tests or genetic tests as we do require by our breeding-regulations!

Please, before acquiring a puppy ,always call or mail the club-breeding-regulator for reliable info on each litter ! 0544511239

We strongly recommend acquiring a real poodle only with Israel Kennel club pedigree-papers.

For more info, please feel free to contact any of the board-members  or club-president by phone 0526999358 or


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